Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


4th Resume and Interview Competition



Resumes and cover letters have always been essential written documents in the workplace, and of vital importance for college students entering the job market. A good resume and cover letter can win you an interview, and this interview is key to determining whether you can enter your ideal company. Through this English language resume and interview competition, we hope to help students prepare their resumes and cover letters, strengthen their interview skills and enhance their competitiveness.






決賽:5月17 日(星期三), 18:30 新竹光復校區人社三館105演講廳

Key dates:

Registration: 24t March, 2023 to 28th April, 2023

Students must upload their target job advert, resume and cover letter (ONE pdf file)

Announcement of finalists: 11th May, 2022

Students who have been selected for the second stage of the competition and invited for interview will be informed by email.

Final: 17h May 2023,18:30, HS3, R105,Chiao Tung Campus

Individual English interviews will be conducted on stage in front of an audience and judges. Students are invited to be audience members for the event.


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