Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Full-time teachers

Yu-Chih Sun 

Professor & Division Chief of Chinese Language

TEL:(03) 571-2121 # 52755
Courses Offered: LTRC: Positive psychology English Class, Entrepreneur English Class, Academic Writing TESOL: AI-assisted Language Teaching and Learning, Content and Language Integrated Language Learning, Vocabulary teaching: theory and practice, Computer-assisted Language Learning

ShiouWen Yeh


TEL:(03) 571-2121 #52738


ChingFen Chang

Associate Professor &Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs 

TEL:(03) 571-2121 #52715

Courses offered: Advanced English Writing, Advanced English Writing, Advanced English Listening, Advanced English Listening and Discussion  

Lu-Chun (Regine) Lin

AssociateProfessor& Director of Higher Education Accreditation for Teaching (HEAT)

TEL:(03) 571-2121 #52716
LTRC: Listening & Discussion; Reading & Discussion; Academic Writing TESOL: Teaching Reading: Theory and Practice; Teaching Children English: Theory and Practice; Teaching English through English (TETE); ELT Teaching Materials & Methods (Teacher Education); English Teaching Practice (Teacher Education)

Stephanie W. Cheng

Associate Professor

TEL:(03) 571-2121 # 52759
Courses: Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Essay Writing, Advanced English Listening  

Shumin Lin

Associate Professor and Acting Director of Language Teaching and Research Center & Acting Director of Institute of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

TEL:(03) 571-2121 #52766
開設課程:學術英文寫作, 研究生英文: 研究論文寫作


Assistant Professor

TEL:(03) 571-2121 # 52774
Courses offered: Japanese, Practical Japanese Listening Training, Travel Japanese Conversation  

Fang-Ying Yang 

Contract-Based Assistant Professor

TEL:(03) 571-2121 #50130
Courses Offered: LTRC: Advanced Listening and Discussion, Academic English Writing, Advanced Reading and Writing; TESOL: Autonomy in Language Learning and Teaching, English Listening and Speaking: Theory and Practice

Yueh-ching Chang

Contract-Based Assistant Professor

TEL:(03) 571-2121 # 52776
Courses Offered:LTRC: Graduate English: Research Paper Writing, English Writing, English Reading & Discussion, English for Intercultural Communication TESOL: TESOL Theories and Methodologies, Sociocultural Theories and Second Language Learning, Qualitative Research, Competency-based Instruction in TESOL   


Linda Szuwei Wu 

Contract-Based Lecturer

TEL:(03) 571-2121 #52767
Courses Offered:English Oral Presentations,English Listening and Discussion,English for Tourists,Graduate English:Sentence Patterns and Paragraph Writing,Graduate English:Oral Presentation and Discussion, Basic Tech Writing: Sentence Patterns and Paragraph Writing (Continuing Education Credit Course)


Tiffany Y. Chin

Contract-Based Lecturer

TEL:(03) 571-2121 # 52768
Courses Offered: Online Presentations, New English, Workplace Writing, Business English, Grammar, Graduate English Writing   

Michael P. Nicholas (李麥德)  

Contract-Based Lecturer

TEL:(03) 571-2121 #52773
Courses Offered: Technical English, English for Job Seekers, Current World Affairs, English Public Speaking, Advanced English Listening and Discussion

Li-Jen (Tommy) Wang

Contract-Based Assistant ProfessorDirector of Higher Education Accreditation for Teaching (HEAT)諮詢

TEL:(03) 571-2121 # 52714

Vickie Zheng 

Contract-Based Lecturer

TEL:(03) 571-2121 #52402

ChiaHui Lin

Contract-Based Lecturer

TEL:(03) 571-2121 # 52406