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Course overview


We tailor our curriculum for the NYCU student population. 

We respect diversity and uphold equity by encouraging differentiated instruction in class and offering individual support systems and self-learning opportunities through the Language Self-Study Center.  

We offer students a wide range of choices in three categories of courses:

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses: Focus on English four skills for academic    contexts

ESAP (English for Specific Academic Purposes) courses: Focus on academic English skills for specific academic disciplines

ESP (English for Specific Purposes)/CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) courses: Focus on content-based general English skills and academic English skills.

EAP Courses

1.         學術英文聽力與討論 Academic English Listening and Discussion

2.         學術英文聽力與寫作 Academic English Listening and Writing

3.         學術英文閱讀與討論 Academic English Reading and Discussion

4.         學術英文閱讀與寫作 Academic English Reading and Writing

5.         學術英文口語發表 Academic English Oral Presentation

6.         學術英文口語溝通 Academic English Communication

7.         學術線上英文會議簡報 Academic English for Online Presentations

8.         學術英語演說與談判 Academic Public speaking & Negotiation

9.         學術英文寫作Academic English Writing

10.  研究生英文:句法與段落寫作 AW I 

11.  研究生英文:研究論文寫作AW II

12.  研究生英文:口語發表與討論Graduate English: Oral Presentation and Discussion

13. VOA美國之音:科學與科技VOA: Science & Technology

14. 進階英語聽講練習Advanced English Listening and Speaking

15. 應用英文Advancing English

16. 英文短文寫作English Composition

17. 論述寫作Argumentative Essays

18. 英文寫作Essay Writing

19. 英語口說訓練:演講與簡報English Speaking practice: English Public Speaking and Presentation

20. 研究生英文演講與簡報English Public Speaking and Presentation for Graduate Students

ESP/CLIL Courses

1.         多文體英文寫作Multigenre English Writing

2.         職場英文寫作Workplace English Writing

3.         新聞英語Newspaper English

4.         國際現勢討論Current World Affairs

5.         旅遊英文English for Tourists

6.         導遊英文English for the Tourism Industry

7.         創業家的英文課Entrepreneur’s English Class

8.         求職英文技巧English for Job Seekers

9.         跨文化溝通英語力English for Intercultural Communication

10.  電影賞析與討論Appreciation and Discussion of Films

11.  影視賞析與討論Appreciation and Discussion of Television

12.  正向幸福心理學的英文課Positive psychology English class

13.  職場英文English for the Workplace

14.  看美國職籃學英文Watching NBA Games to Learn English

15.  讀小說學英文English Readers

16.  國際禮儀英文English for International Etiquette

17.  留學英文English for Studying Abroad

18. 藝術英文English in Arts

19. 西方文學與文化中的修辭Rhetoric in Western Literature and Culture

20. 英文跨文化溝通Cross-Cultural Communication in English

21. 小說中的哲學思想Philosophy in Fiction

22. 英文和世界文學中的主題閱讀與辯論Reading and Debating Themes in English and World Literature

23. 身體語言、冷讀、心靈探測Body Language, Cold Reading, and Mentalism

24. BBC 6 分鐘英文:環境議題BBC 6-minute English: Environmental Issues

25. 英國歷史小說British Historical Novel

26. 小說中的哲學思想Philosophy in Fiction

ESAP Courses 

1.         科技英文Technical English

2.          商用英文Business English

 3.         科學英文English for Science



Second Foreign Langauges

Graduate English